Do you own a business or a job? Do you know?Freedom Workshop

A true business should be able to be sold at any time for its maximum value. Positioning your business at maximum value is critical if you are seeking to fund, sell or grow your business.

In this training program you will learn:

  • The 8 factors that determine the value of your business
  • The difference between having a business and a job
  • Why your business should always be in a position to be sold at its maximum value
  • If your business is prepared for The Bus Theory

Presented in partnership with John Warrillow, author of the best selling business book, Built to Sell, The Business Value Builder Training Program educates business owners on the eight pillars that maximize the value of their business.

Prior to the training, business owners are required to complete The Value Builder Score questionnaire and are provided with their detailed results report on the 8 Factors that help determine if they are truly maximizing the value of their business in the eyes of an investor, or acquirer.

The Business Value Builder Training Program

During this 16 week program each of the 8 factors are reviewed and explained in the group sessions, giving business owners a better understanding of how their score impacts the value of their business, and compares to similar businesses within their industry.

  • Factor 1 – Financial Performance
  • Factor 2 – Growth Potential
  • Factor 3 – Switzerland Structure
  • Factor 4 – Valuation Teeter-Totter
  • Factor 5 – Hierarchy of Recurring Revenue
  • Factor 6 – Monopoly Control
  • Factor 7 – Customer Satisfaction
  • Factor 8 – Hub & Spoke

More Information: Course Outline | Group Training Sessions | One-on-One Coaching