Being more likeable is a quality everyone can increase and improve. Being likeable and a figure of authority is where some challenging conflicts can arise. With this workshop participants, will recognize these possible areas of conflict and develop the skills and knowledge to overcome them.

Our Being a Likeable Boss workshop will show participant that honesty and trust are the biggest tools in fostering a better relationship with their employees. Trusting your team by avoiding micromanagement, using delegation, and accepting feedback will put your participants on the right path to be a more likeable boss.

Course Outline
  • Module One: Is it Better to be Loved or Feared?
  • Module Two: Leadership as Service
  • Module Three: Leadership by Design
  • Module Four: Understanding Motivation
  • Module Five: Constructive Criticism
  • Module Six: The Importance of Tone
  • Module Seven: Trusting Your Team
  • Module Eight: Earning Your Team’s Trust
  • Module Nine: Building and Reinforcing Your Team
  • Module Ten: You are the Boss of You

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