Training Outline

BVB TrainingDuring the training program each of the following 8 factors are reviewed and explained in detail, giving business owners a better understanding of how their score impacts the value of their business, and compares to similar businesses within their industry.

Factor 1 – Financial Performance
Business owners, investors and buyers focus on “The Multiple”, but focusing on your multiple is a little bit like a hypertensive person focusing on his or her blood pressure report. To really understand the number – and to move it up or down – you have to understand:

  • What this mystical number really is
  • The math behind your Multiple
  • The relationship between risk, return, and size

Factor 2 – Growth Potential
Learn why Scalability is such an essential factor for your business, and the 4 key areas you need to consider to ensure you can grow your business effectively to its maximum value.

Factor 3 – Switzerland Structure
Find out what the 3 areas of your business that cannot rely on a single source are, and how this affects the growth and value of your business.

Factor 4 – Valuation Teeter-Totter
Cash is King! Learn why the type of revenue stream you generate affects the growth and value of your business.

Factor 5 – Hierarchy of Recurring Revenue
Are some sources of revenues better than others? Why? We will explore 6 types of revenues and how they affect your bottom line.

Factor 6 – Monopoly Control
How deep and wide is the ‘moat’ around your business?

Factor 7 – Customer Satisfaction
Where would your business be without your customers?

Factor 8 – Hub & Spoke
Where would your business be without YOU?

All required materials are included with the program.

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